Chris Faber: (02) 9716 9744 or 0418 224 784

Andy Griffiths: (02) 9876 8107 or 0407 226 472

How to Contact Us

The principals of MidBoh Web Services are:

Chris Faber
(02) 9716 9744 or 0418 224 784
chris @
Andy Griffiths
(02) 9876 8107 or 0407 226 472
andy @

Andy and Chris are happy to discuss any aspect of your web requirements. We have solutions and options for the key topic areas discussed on these pages.

By the way, we live in Sydney and would appreciate phone calls being limited to office hours for that time zone.

If you prefer you can use the following form to send us an email.

PS: If you would like us to take a look at your website before we contact you, don't forget to tell us the website address.

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